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Have you been awarded that honorary certificate, diploma, degree, or master recently and you feel its time to indulge in hunting for the job of your dream? Well, you have just made a wise decision to visit our website. Here, we have all your needs covered.

Who are we?

https://northeastcareer.in/ is an Indian website that compiles all latest government job and make it easy for you to apply. We provide information concerning job vacancies in all state government, Central government, universities, Banks, Educational Institutes, Public Sector Undertakings, Defense and Railways in areas of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and other regions of Northeast Indian.

North East Career is also home to people seeking to have an update on recent private jobs and home tutor and junior college and  services.

Why you need to visit our website frequently

The more times you visit our website, the more chances you
increase towards getting the job of your dream.

Just like how the government, public institutes, and private
sectors are hiring the workforce every day, it is the same case our website is
updated with the most recent job vacancies. At our website, the content
information you will is legit, accurate, and well elaborated. We do not update
information for the seek. Our quality control team must verify the credential
of all information thoroughly before posting to the public.

Navigating through our website to mine information is quite
easy. You do not need to have the latest information technology in town to go
through our website.

At North East Career, we strive to make an E- family where
everything counts more significantly. At the website, we help you connect with
a fellow student, job checker, a coaching institute, college, among other

How North East Career work

If you are a new client seeking to enjoy and benefit from the services offered from our website, you need to sign up first using your Gmail account. Signing up with us involves following the most straightforward steps on earth. As if that is not enough, we charge nothing to people who sign up with us.

To sign up, click on the tab indicate sign up on the dashboard of our website. Add your names, Gmail account, and provide a memorable password. When you have the report, click on add list and post the job you want to offer to the general public. You can use writing or upload a document in pdf.

Once you sign up, as a job seeker, we directly send you an update concerning the latest job vacancy to your phone. Is this not an excellent deal to take? You do not have to wait anytime longer. Take up your phone, have your Gmail account ready and sign up today with us and you might be the lucky one to land a job instantly.

Categories of services you can find in North East Career

Apart from job search, our company offers other comprehensive services. They include hiring a tutor for your kids at home, best colleges you can study courses such as Bachelors of arts, Master’s Degree of Science, Master Degree of Commerce, Maters Degree of Arts, Nursery classes up to IV inclusive of all subject and other study areas.

Also, you can use our website to hire people who can offer you the following services.

•    Cooking services

•    Babysitting

•    Laundry

•    Gardener

•    Plumber

•    Domestic worker

•    Security guard

•    Tailor

•    Housekeeper

•    Electricians

•    Gym trainer

•    Yoga instructor

•    Beatification

•    Driver

The profile of North East Career

Currently, our website has about 18 tutors, 1,852 viewers and a total of 128 members. These number, however, change with time as more people come into us for partnership. We are open to the general public since we believe that no one should be restricted from accessing public human resources such as a chance to get a job.

How you can contact us

Apart from signing up with us, you can send us an email through northeastcareer2@gmail.com. Our technical team members are friendly and respond to all emails in the shortest time possible addressing all claims accordingly.

Additionally, you can find us on twitter, facebook, or Instagram, and your concern will be well addressed.


People living in North East of India have found Assam career through the help of your website. May of the take pride for having us and they cite differing reasons on how our website helped them more significantly. We work with a mission intended to change the world by presenting job opportunities as well as human resources services that solve existing problems among people. Sign up today with us and get yourself a job that will change your life positively.